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Sailing Into the Moon is a work in progress and tells my biographical story, from the birth of the dream to its realisation and how I have done so far. 

Given it is a biographical story, it is raw and real and will hopefully give you a glimpse of the day to day struggles and triumphs of a big dreamer.  It will include others, but this is my version of events, it is my truth. 

In the future, I hope to be able to sell other Authors from my site, people whom I resonate with, who have inspired me, and people I just think deserve a space to be loved and enjoyed. ​This will the Bookshop on a Boat Store.  

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This is the second in a series of 5 books of Biographical poetry, written by a Solo Yachtswoman circumnavigating the world's Oceans. A memoir of sorts, where the writer explores her emotions, dreams, inspirations, fears and tribulations as she negotiates the sometimes hostile, sometimes idyllic waters of the world, whilst often self isolating. These words take one on a journey with the writer where the adventures are so real that the emotions rage within one as if one is there! This is a series of brave encounters and courage to face the unknown alone on a small boat in the ocean, where when things go wrong, there is just one woman alone to deal with it. Many have found courage to follow their own dreams from reading these insightful words.

A poetry anthology from life afloat. Imagine living on a small boat, sailing the oceans of the world, having love, losing it, feeling alone and occasionally lonely and delving into your heart and soul to find answers through verse. A woman bobbing about on her little boat, creating inspiring and insightful thoughts and putting them to paper, this is the first of several poetry books, describing the feelings and thoughts of a Solo Sailing Woman.

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